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24: Gun Violence is Wack

JJ is joined by Christian Kimbrough, founder of Revive Minds, gun violence advocate, and survivor. Christian is joining us today to talk about being shot in the head at age 13, living with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and running his amazing company, Revive Minds.

Christian sits with a 3D-printed model of his skull made while he was in the hospital. The model shows how the bullet shattered part of his skull and passed through part of his brain.

In this episode, we cover:

  • why being a Christmas miracle can be hard;
  • why he felt the need to become an advocate;
  • why youth outreach is so important;
  • how the media lies about quick recovery times;
  • what it's like living with a traumatic brain injury; and finally
  • why gun violence is wack.

JJ also talks about why you shouldn't bring a gun to a bar...and then steal that gun back from the court, and applauds GVP heroes who fought the law and won.

Revive Minds can be found here: https://www.reviveminds.com. Go shop!

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