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182: Orphaned By Gun Violence

Image provided by Tim Mudd via Unsplash

In a brand new study in the Washington Post, the paper found that at least 41 American children lose at least one biological parent to gun violence a day. Pulitzer-finalist Journalist and author John Woodrow Cox did a deep dive into the lives of some of those children left behind, including siblings Kaleigh (7) and Kavon (11), in his latest piece, "Orphaned by gun violence: Two kids, two shootings, two parents gone." John joined hosts Kelly and JJ to detail how this study came about, what life is like after losing a parent to gun violence, and what it means to know that "there [were] only 11 days in 2020 when The Post did not find a child whose parent had been shot and killed."

Mentioned in this podcast:
Children Under Fire: An American Crisis (Harper Collins)
"Four years ago, I met two extraordinary children" (John Woodrow Cox, Twitter)
Unequal Burdens of Loss: Examining the Frequency and Timing of Homicide Deaths Experienced by Young Black Men Across the Life Course(American Journal of Public Health)
Children in Baltimore facing harsh reality of losing a parent to gun violence (Fox)

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