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41: David Chipman on the ATF, the Tiahrt Amendment, and More

This week, Brady tackles policing, intentional data loss, and how to get rid of guns in a forge. Today, JJ and Vice President of Policy at Brady, Christian Heyne, are joined by David Chipman, a Senior Policy Advisor at the gun violence prevention organization Giffords, and currently serves on the Firearms Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He also served for 25 years as a special agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, aka, the ATF. Today, David is here to detail why the Tiahrt Amendment (which prohibits the ATF from maintaining a searchable database--instead, officers attempting to trace a gun used in the commission of a crime must use a card catalog and phone system to track the weapon) is harming the American people, and why technologies like Shot Spotter are changing gun violence prevention.

Then, in our “unbelievable, but” segment, JJ is talking about zombie guns (no, really), and then wrapping up our time together with a selection of gun violence, and gun violence prevention, news from this week.

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