220: The Rise of Road Rage and Firearm Thefts From Vehicles

Road rage incidents and gun thefts from cars are on the rise, and contributing to gun violence in the US. Everytown's Megan O'Toole shares research on the facts and prevention of gun violence, including practical advice for gun owners and non-gun owners alike.

219: Dismantling Myths About Gun Violence 5 Years Post Parkland

Gun violence survivors Fred Guttenberg, Christian Heyne, and Liz Dunning of Brady discuss Fred’s latest book, "American Carnage: Shattering the Myths That Fuel Gun Violence," and explore what it takes to break through the barrier of misinformation and take meaningful action.

218: Mental Health Care is Gun Violence Prevention

217: “Your Man Card Reissued”: The Truth About Masculinity and Gun Violence

In the U.S. over 90% of mass shootings are committed by men and boys. Men and boys are also predominantly the victims of gun violence. But why? Psychologist and author Dr. Ronald F. Levant talks with us about the connection between masculinity and gun violence.

216: The Gun Lobby's Lies: the Power of Disinformation

The gun lobby has been working for decades to drown out reputable research on guns and gun violence. Devin L. Hughes (GVPedia) breaks down the “firehose of falsehood” used by the gun lobby to spread disinformation that actively fights against gun violence prevention.

215: Crisis Text Line on Keeping Those We Love Safe from Trauma and Firearm Violence

Gun violence is a public health crisis that impacts more than just our physical safety, it also impacts our mental and emotional health. Thankfully, there are lot of ways to cope with your trauma — like reaching out to the folks at Crisis Text Line.

214: Life After Gun Violence and Amputation

After surviving being shot six times, motivational speaker and advocate Donny Kashh has devoted himself to helping other amputees and survivors of gun violence, who may be feeling lost after such a dramatic life change.

213: The Lie that More Guns Equals Less Crime

"More guns equal less crime" is perhaps one of the most pervasive myths in the United States; the reality is, firearms simply don't make us safer. Dr. John Donohue and Erin Davis break down where these myths, pervasive as they are, came from, and what gave them their power.

212: Talking About Firearm Suicide Risks (Even Though it's Hard)

Dr. Doreen Marshall of AFSP — the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention — is back in studio with hosts Kelly and JJ, this time answering your listener questions on firearm suicide, suicide prevention, and how to have tough (but important) conversations

211: For Survivors of Suicide Loss

Dr. Doreen Marshall of AFSP on how to talk about suicide, how to best support one another, and how survivors of suicide loss have built committees of healing.

210: “Let's Throw All the Guns in a Trash Bag”: the Legacy of Akilah DaSilva

Akilah DaSilva, who wrote "forget about making a hashtag, let's throw all the guns in a trash bag" in his music, was killed during the 2018 Waffle House shooting. Today his brother Abede (also a survivor) and his mother Shaundelle, are passionate advocates against gun violence.

209: "I'm Scared All the Time:" How to Talk to Your Kids About Gun Violence