191: The Supreme Court & the Future of Gun Laws in the U.S.

We're joined by researchers and activists Dr. Alex McCourt, Dr. Gerald E. Harmon, Jonathan Lowy, and Aalayah Eastmond to discuss the Supreme Court's "New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen" decision, and what it means for the future of gun violence in the US, and us.

190: After Decades, the First Federal Gun Safety Legislation Has Passed

Senator Chris Murphy, Christian Heyne, and Martina Leinz discuss the historic bipartisan gun bill, the Safer Communities Act.

189: The Senate's Proposed Bipartisan Gun Deal, Explained

Senators announced a bipartisan proposal to pass lifesaving gun violence prevention policies. We discuss some of what the framework is stated to include, what it means for gun violence in the US, and what work gun violence prevention advocates need to do moving forward.

188: Why We March

Manuel and Patricia Oliver, and Christian Heyne, discuss why continuing to march and maintaining pressure on elected leaders is so important in the ongoing fight against gun violence. ..and what it's like to be marching, once again, in 2022.

187: Don't Get Desensitized: How to Build a Gun Violence Prevention Community

Matt Gordon, or as he's better known, "usmcangryveteran," discusses how to build a community online, how credible messengers can be essential in gun violence prevention, and how we all must get involved.

186: Brady in Brief: We Respond to Common Arguments Against Gun Violence Prevention

After mass shootings that gain national attention, a lot of questions come up in public conversation. In this special episode, we bring you 12 very common questions that are raised after a mass shooting, and the answers that we – 12 different staffers at Brady – give in response.

185: Fighting Back: Responding to Mass Shootings Like Buffalo and Uvalde

To discuss the shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, how to talk after a mass shooting, and how to respond, Brady is joined by Dr. Steve Albrecht, Nancy Kislin, and Robert Schentrup.

184: The Role of Parents in Safe Firearm Storage

Mike and Kristin Song's beloved son, Ethan, was only 15 when he was killed with a friend's father's unsecured firearm. Since that terrible day in 2018, Mike and Kristin have been fighting to protect other children like Ethan from gun violence via Ethan's Law.

183: Responsible vs Safe Gun Storage

Michael Sodini sat down with us to talk all about Walk the Talk America, safe and responsible gun storage, the importance of credible messengers, and why we all need to be more open in our discussions of mental health.

182: Orphaned By Gun Violence

In a new study in the Washington Post, the paper found that at least 41 American children lose at least one biological parent to gun violence a day. Pulitzer-finalist journalist John Woodrow Cox details the study, life after loss, and what you can do to help stop gun violence.

181: Race, Stand Your Ground Laws, and Gun Violence

Kami Chavis breaks down how Stand Your Laws work (or rather, don't), their dangerous effects, and how you can push back against these spreading statutes.

180: The Power of Harm Reduction to Prevent Gun Violence

Could a harm reduction approach reduce gun violence? We discuss with activist, author, and podcaster Stephanie Wittels Wachs (the Last Day).