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39: History in the Making

JJ is joined by Brady President Kris Brown, and State Director of Virginia at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Lori Haas. Together, they discuss the gun violence prevention legislation has cleared committee in the state of Virginia!

38: It's a Matter of Faith

A Bishop, a Rabbi, and an Imam come on a podcast...no, it's not a joke, it's an amazing conversation. We do laugh a lot though! JJ is joined by three great men-the retired Bishop Mark Beckwith, the Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz, and Imam W. Deen Shareef.

37: When Current Events are Triggering

We talk with clinical psychologist Ted Bonar, who specializes in PTSD and veteran mental health, about how to cope when gun violence dominates the news.

36: Beyond, and Behind, the Bullet

JJ and JP ring in the first podcast of 2020 with writer, producer, director, community organizer, and super impressive human, Heidi Yewman. Heidi is a long-time Brady member, one who has devoted herself to exploring the multiple and complex narratives that surround gun violence.

35: Welcome, 2020

JJ is joined by everybody's favorite co-host, JP, and everybody's favorite leader, Brady President Kris Brown. Together, we're here to talk about all that Brady did this year--and what we resolve to have happen in 2020.

34: Here's to Moving the Line

JJ is joined by now frequent guest, Dr. Kyleanne Hunter, and dear friend Dr. Joe Sakran. Joe is a trauma surgeon, survivor, gun violence prevention activist, and founder of the hashtag “this is our lane.”

33: Giving Gun Owners Their Seat at the Table

How do we get more gun owners involved in the fight against gun violence? What is the gun violence prevention movement doing wrong? To answer those questions, gun novice JJ is joined by two great gun owners: Kyleanne Hunter and Mark House.

32: Violence, Uninterrupted

This Brady Briefing we talk about mass shootings, the murder of a violence interrupter, the ripple effects of gun violence, and a judicial nomination gone wrong. It's the weekly wrap up on gun violence and gun violence prevention for the week of December 7th to December 13th.

31: A Giant Temper Tantrum

JJ is joined by JP, who has finally returned, and Joshua Scharff, Legal Counsel and Director of Programs at Brady. Together, the three break down the trend of so-called second amendment “sanctuary cities.”

30: This is a Tool Designed to End Human Life

Lawyer Jon Lowy and veteran Kyleanne Hunter explain assault weapons — what they are, how and why they got (briefly) banned, and what's going on with them now.

29: Teenagers Lead the Way

It's the Brady Briefing, another time where JJ casts alone on everything from the mounting numbers of mass shootings to how teenagers seem to be leading the fight against gun violence.

28: You Have a Constitutional Right to Not be Shot

JJ is joined by Jon Lowy, Chief Counsel and Vice President of Legal at Brady. Lowy was present for arguments on December 2nd, 2019, and provides JJ with a breakdown of the good, the bad, and the ugly of possible decisions.