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Laws and Loopholes

140: the Second Amendment in an Unequal America

Historian and author Dr. Carol Anderson explores how the Second Amendment was designed and constructed, how it has been used, and what narratives about it continue into today.

Laws and Loopholes

139: How the Filibuster is Killing Us

The filibuster has a complex history and an even more complicated present, having become an instrument of partisan gridlock which allows a minority of the Senate's members to halt the chamber's progress -- inaction which often has major implications for gun violence prevention.

Types of Gun Violence

138: The Reality of Rebuilding: Part 2

Patience Murray survived the Pulse nightclub shooting, and in the years that followed she published a book, hosted a podcast, was in an Emmy- nominated documentary series, and more. Yet, she was still in pain. In this episode, she explains what finally brought her relief.

Types of Gun Violence

137: The Reality of Rebuilding: Part 1

Patience Murray's life changed when, during a girls night out with friends Tiara Parker and Akyra Murray at Pulse Nightclub, a gunman attacked. In the years that have followed, Patience has shared her complicated journey of healing with the world via her many creative endeavors.

Types of Gun Violence

136: Unpacking the Violence Project

How can we better prevent mass shootings? What can the history of mass shootings in the US tell us? To discuss how, Brady is joined by Dr. Jillian Peterson and Dr. James Densley of "the Violence Project," whose research details better interventions against gun violence.

Laws and Loopholes

135: How the NRA Turned Gun Owners into a Political Force

We're joined by Dr. Matthew Lacombe, author of the book Firepower: How the NRA Turned Gun Owners into a Political Force, to discuss how the NRA has carefully and purposefully created a distinct identity around gun ownership and made its followers a potent political force.

Laws and Loopholes

134: How the Private Sale Loophole Harms

When their daughter Darien was murdered, her parents Wayne and Judi Richardson were horrified when they found out that the gun could not be traced to the shooter due to a loophole in the law known as the private sale loophole.

Laws and Loopholes

133: Why an AR-15 Isn't a Swiss Army Knife

A U.S. District Judge has overturned California’s over 30 year ban on assault weapons. To explain what this decision means, what happens next, and yes, how an AR-15 is not like a swiss army knife, Brady is joined by Fred Guttenberg and Timothy "TJ" Ryan.

Effects of Gun Violence

132: A Matter of No Notoriety

Brady is joined by the “No Notoriety” campaign and organization, which is devoted to shifting attention from shooters to victims and survivors, and how individuals and news organizations can “minimize harm” while reporting on mass shootings.

Laws and Loopholes

131: Why -- and How -- Are Lawbreaking Gun Dealers Being Protected?

We discuss the findings of 30,000 pages ATF inspection reports, which were provided by Brady and secured via FOIA requests and litigation — namely how dealers with repeated violations have been allowed to remain in business without reform.

Types of Gun Violence

130: What We Don't Know About Domestic Violence (and Guns) is Deadly

56% of women murdered by an intimate partner from 2010 to 2019 were killed with a firearm. To discuss what we don't know about domestic violence and the role guns play in continuing to make individuals vulnerable, Brady is joined by authors Kate Ranta and Rachel Louise Snyder.

Gun Ownership

129: Some Conversations About Gun Ownership We Need to Have

Brady is joined by a firearms instructor and gun safety advocate to examine how we can all better conceptualize and discuss gun safety and gun ownership.