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76: The Fight for D.C. Statehood and Gun Violence Prevention

Effects of Gun Violence

75: Allison Shaw on the Realities of Living After Gun Violence

Allison Shaw joins Brady to discuss the trauma of suffering and living with a gunshot wound and the activism that can spring from such an injury.

74: The Trevor Project on LGBTQ Youth, Guns, and the Risk of Suicide

Casey Pick of the Trevor Project joins Brady to talk about how to prevent LGBTQ youth suicide.

73: Gun Violence and the Murder of Black Trans Women

Imara Jones joins Brady to discuss the murders of Black trans women and how firearms contribute to them

72: "Stand Your Ground" Laws, Culture, & What it Means

Dr. Caroline Light joins Brady to talk about "stand your ground" laws, culture, and the complex history behind it.

71: The Scary Reality of "Ghost Guns"

Ghost guns have been gaining popularity and power over the last decade. To understand why weapons of this nature present such a threat to public safety, Brady is joined by Steve Lindley and Dr. Kyleanne Hunter.

70: 2020, Guns, and the Insurrectionist Idea

Josh Horowitz joins Brady to talk about how insurrectionism threatens democracy, how Trump's rhetoric is directing a vigilante army through his Twitter feed and press conferences, why racism is present in all of this, and why voting is so important.

69: How Extreme Risk Protection Orders Save Lives

To get to what ERPOs actually are, and how they are used to save lives, JJ is joined by Kelly Sampson, legal counsel at Brady, and Raul Campillo, a San Diego prosecutor, deputy attorney, and member of the city's GVRO unit.

68: the Hidden History of the Jackson State Shooting

Many Americans don't know about the shooting at Jackson State--but they should. Brady is joined by historian and author Dr. Nancy Bristow to talk about why.

67: The Million Mom March: Continuing its Legacy 20 Years Later

In this episode celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Million Mom March, Brady welcomes Kris Brown, Dana Sanchez-Quist, Shikha Hamilton, and Donna Dees-Thomases.

66: Daphne Frias on Activism and the Cost of Care

Daphne Frias joins Brady to talk about the intersection of coronavirus, disability, and gun violence.

65: Tia Bell and the T.R.I.G.G.E.R. Project

Tia Bell joins host JJ to talk about why authentically telling the untold stories of everyday gun violence users to all walks of life is so important, and how to bring compassion to young people who feel invisible.