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244: The Iron River: Gun Trafficking, Mexico, and Violence

From El Chapo trial insights to the human toll of firearms trafficking, we confront our shared responsibility in curbing gun violence across borders with award-winning journalist Ioan Grillo, author of the book "Blood Gun Money: How America Arms Gangs and Cartels."

243: Saving Young Lives through Conversations on Guns and Mental Health

From pandemic aftermath to social media pressure, our youth face unprecedented mental health challenges, ones complicated by firearms. Join us as we discuss solutions and hope on today's podcast with Dr. Kurt Michael from The Jed Foundation (JED).

242: A Survivor and Educator on the Need for Gun Violence Prevention Advocacy

Gun violence isn't just a tragedy; it's a community-wide crisis. A survivor and an educator, Jonathan breaks down not only his own loss (and what he wishes everyone knew about firearm suicide) but also the emotional and practical challenges educators and administrators face today

241: Youth, Fear, and Firearms in the Streets of Brooklyn

Explore NYC youth gun culture through Community Justice Innovations' report "Two Battlefields: Ops, Cops, and NYC Youth Gun Culture." Uncover the fear that causes youth to carry firearms, and actionable solutions.

240: Decoding the Second Amendment: A Journey Through History and its Impact on the Law Today

Dr. Noah Shusterman explores the evolution of the right to bear arms from ancient Rome to today in "Armed Citizens," and joins Brady to unpack a concept that endures in contemporary times (though often erroneously understood).

239: Childhood Trauma, Gun Violence, and the Fight for Safe Spaces

Preventing youth gun violence requires legislation, but also acknowledging and addressing the root causes of trauma. To explain what's happening to America's youth, and how to help, Dr. Sonali Rajan unpacks the roots of trauma, and ACEs impact on kids' futures.

238: The Bodies Keep Coming: Dr. Williams' Insight on Gun Violence and Health Inequity

Dr. Brian Williams shares his unique insights from his frontline experiences as a trauma surgeon, as detailed in his compelling book, 'The Bodies Keep Coming.' Explore the profound impact of racism on public health and the power of storytelling in tackling these critical issues.

237: Navigating the Landscape of Gun Ownership, Culture, and Reform

Award-winning novelist and gun owner, David Joy, explores the complex relationship between people and firearms, challenging myths and shedding light on gun laws, culture, and money's role in the fight against gun violence prevention.

236: Giving Gun Violence a Face While Crusading for Community Health

Scott Charles, a trauma outreach manager at Temple University Hospital, discusses the power of personal stories for gun violence prevention, demystifies firearm injury stats, calls out health disparities in the US, and details how the Cradle to Grave program saves lives.

235: Overcoming Hate with Love: Chris Singleton's Path to Advocacy to Prevent Gun Violence

Join us and our guest Chris Singleton, a pro-athlete, husband, father, author, inspirational speaker, and son of Emanuel AME church shooting victim Sharonda Coleman-Singleton who has turned his families tragedy into a mission of anti-gun violence and anti-hate advocacy.

234: Deconstructing Misconceptions about Gun Violence

Challenge long-held gun violence myths with Devin Hughes (GVPedia) and learn how to fight back against disinformation! Together we debunk defensive gun use, trace the "armed society is a polite society" myth to its sci-fi roots, and dissect the dangers of this flawed narrative.

233: The Evolving Role of Healthcare in Combating Gun Violence

Gun violence is now the top cause of child deaths in the US, and patients are concerned. Dr. Chethan Sathya from Northwell Health discusses proactive healthcare efforts, including judgment-free screenings and surveys, to advocate for gun violence prevention and safety.