Types of Gun Violence

152: The More We Share, the More We Know: Domestic Violence and Firearms

In our second special birthday episode, host JJ is joined by Joan Peterson, a longtime Brady chapter member, leader, and gun violence prevention and domestic violence activist , to detail why domestic violence cannot be left invisible.

151: There Are No "Alternative Facts"

In this special birthday episode, Legal Counsel and Director of Programs Joshua Scharff details why he thinks so-called "gun truthers" — hoaxers —are deeply troubling, while reviewing a past episode with Fred Guttenberg and Andy Parker.

150: The Importance of Conversation (and Pizza)

Hosts Kelly and JJ are joined by hosts of podcast Tactical American Conversations, Remmington Campbell and Chase Williams. Together, we break down common missteps and misconceptions in conversation, as well as how to better communicate with one another.

Types of Gun Violence

149: Showing Up for Wendi Winters

Journalist Wendi Winters was killed in the Capital Gazette shooting, one of the deadliest attacks on journalists in American history. We sat down with Summerleigh, Wendi's youngest daughter, to talk about her mom and why gun violence is just so unfair.

Gun Ownership

148: The NRA and the Price of Freedom

Activist Fred Guttenberg and director Judd Ehrlich of Flatbush Pictures join Brady to discuss Judd's newest film, the Price of Freedom, which explores the role the NRA and the gun lobby has had in America’s gun violence epidemic.

Types of Gun Violence

147: Honoring Coach Beigel with Action -- and Summer Camp

Scott Beigel left a lasting legacy with the thousands of children he impacted as a beloved teacher, cross country coach, and camp counselor, one who always "made school fun." After his murder in the 2018 Parkland shooting, Scott's family has continued to honor him with action.

Types of Gun Violence

146: On Survivors Surviving

Robert Godwin Sr. was walking home on Easter Sunday when he was murdered by a stranger, who livestreamed the shooting on Facebook. In the wake of the murder, his family were left to deal not just with the loss of their loved one, but with the trauma of a "viral" media storm.

Laws and Loopholes

145: Revealing a Concealed-Carry Conversation

We discuss why some folks might practice concealed carry, and how people, particularly those working to prevent gun violence, can better understand concealed carry and those who practice it.

Gun Ownership

144: Kayla Hicks on Community Solutions and Sistership

Kayla Hicks (founder, President, and CEO of the Sustain Equity Group) details ways to better empower individuals and communities, how to take on systemic inequality, and how to have better conversations about firearms and gun violence.

Laws and Loopholes

143: Kirsten Englund and the Fight Against Straw Purchases

An episode from the vault: consistently ranked as a favorite by our listeners, Kirsten Englund's story did not end with her murder at the hands of a man wielding an illegally-purchased firearm; Brady's legal team would not allow it.

Gun Ownership

142: Gun Culture 2.0

Dr. David Yamane discusses Gun Culture 2.0, the emerging trend where individuals don't enter gun culture through hunting, military service, or family tradition, but out of personal defense concerns.

Laws and Loopholes

141: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment

Historian and author Dr. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz discusses the origins and intents of firearm legislation before and after the Second's codification, plus the Second's beginnings in the blood and misery of racist acts and expansionist policies.