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236: Giving Gun Violence a Face While Crusading for Community Health

Scott Charles, a trauma outreach manager at Temple University Hospital, discusses the power of personal stories for gun violence prevention, demystifies firearm injury stats, calls out health disparities in the US, and details how the Cradle to Grave program saves lives.

235: Overcoming Hate with Love: Chris Singleton's Path to Advocacy to Prevent Gun Violence

Join us and our guest Chris Singleton, a pro-athlete, husband, father, author, inspirational speaker, and son of Emanuel AME church shooting victim Sharonda Coleman-Singleton who has turned his families tragedy into a mission of anti-gun violence and anti-hate advocacy.

234: Deconstructing Misconceptions about Gun Violence

Challenge long-held gun violence myths with Devin Hughes (GVPedia) and learn how to fight back against disinformation! Together we debunk defensive gun use, trace the "armed society is a polite society" myth to its sci-fi roots, and dissect the dangers of this flawed narrative.

233: The Evolving Role of Healthcare in Combating Gun Violence

Gun violence is now the top cause of child deaths in the US, and patients are concerned. Dr. Chethan Sathya from Northwell Health discusses proactive healthcare efforts, including judgment-free screenings and surveys, to advocate for gun violence prevention and safety.

232: Health Care Providers Tackle Gun Violence From Triage to Training

Gun violence takes a massive toll on the US healthcare system and medical professionals. To discuss how, and what doctors are doing about it, we were joined by Dr. Christine Petrin and Dr. Babak Sarani.

231: Actress Piper Perabo on Storytelling, Intersectionality, and Gun Safety

Actress and activist Piper Perabo emphasizes storytelling's transformative power in driving positive intersectional change.

230: Influencers for Good: Spreading the Message of Gun Safety

Caitlin McHugh Stamos, an actress, podcaster, and activist, discusses gun safety, social good campaigns, and language's impact. We explore entertainment's influence on societal norms, emotions in decision-making, and our shared responsibility to address gun violence.

229: Taking Steps to Show Gun Safety on Screen

Writer, producer, and director Matt Nix discusses Hollywood's potential to promote responsible gun ownership through captivating and realistic storytelling, and how storytelling can advocate for social good.

228: The Power of Theater in Fighting Gun Violence: A Conversation with Michael Cotey

Michael Cotey, Artistic Director of ENOUGH! Plays to End Gun Violence, shares how theater empowers marginalized voices, sparks conversations, inspires change...and fights gun violence.

227: Shifting Perceptions of Guns in Media with Actor Adam Brody

Actor Adam Brody discusses Hollywood's role in preventing gun violence, detailing how storytellers shape perceptions, spark crucial conversations, and change norms.

226: Behind the Scenes: Prop Masters, Armorers, and Gun Safety in Hollywood

Dutch Merrick, a veteran propmaster and founder of Prop Gun Safety, discusses on-set firearm safety, the impact of the Rust set tragedy, and how those behind the camera can combat unsafe or irresponsible gun handling through Brady's Show Your Safety initiative.

225: The Rising Lethality of the 2nd Amendment

"A gun is a gun is a gun" no longer holds true, as since the mid-1800s, firearm lethality has dramatically increased. Dr. Jennifer Tucker discusses how that lethality increased and how "historically" based legal decisions around firearms have been fundamentally flawed.