Red, Blue, and Brady

From one of the longest standing national organizations advocating for gun violence prevention, "Red, Blue, and Brady" combines the best of current events and personal narratives, exploring the epidemic of gun violence in America. Survivors, activists, writers, and politicians join for an insightful, and at times humorous, discussion about the country’s love of guns, the repercussions that come as a result, and efforts to find a middle ground within the movement to prevent gun violence. A bipartisan podcast from a bipartisan organization,"Red, Blue, and Brady" presents as much information as they can in relation to gun violence...while still making a few jokes and genuine human connection with one another. With hosts JJ and JP, and an endless series of amazing guests, "Red, Blue, and Brady" is set up for listeners to to learn the whys and hows, but most importantly, what is being done and still needs to be done to stop this epidemic.

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Latest Episodes

Brady Briefing 11: Violence, Uninterrupted

December 13, 2019

This Brady Briefing we talk about mass shootings, the murder of a violence interrupter, the ripple effects of gun violence, and a judicial nomination gone wrong. It's the weekly wrap up on gun violence and gun violence prevention for the week of December 7th to December 13th.

Minisode 9: a Giant Temper Tantrum

December 11, 2019

JJ is joined by JP, who has finally returned, and Joshua Scharff, Legal Counsel and Director of Programs at Brady. Together, the three break down the trend of so-called second amendment “sanctuary cities.”

Brady Briefing 10: Teenagers Lead the Way

December 06, 2019

It's the Brady Briefing, another time where JJ casts alone on everything from the mounting numbers of mass shootings to how teenagers seem to be leading the fight against gun violence.

Minisode 8: You Have a Constitutional Right to Not be Shot

December 04, 2019

JJ is joined by Jon Lowy, Chief Counsel and Vice President of Legal at Brady. Lowy was present for arguments on December 2nd, 2019, and provides JJ with a breakdown of the good, the bad, and the ugly of possible decisions.