Taking on powerful forces that endanger Americans, setting precedent that changes society for the better, providing justice to those wrongfully injured and killed. Most attorneys only dream of doing this, but Brady does it, day in and day out. And no one does it better.

Since 1989, Brady’s legal team, along with the Brady Legal Alliance, our national network of thousands of talented attorneys, have dedicated their expertise to help end America’s gun violence epidemic.

Together, we take on the difficult cases that would never be brought without our expertise - representing gun violence victims, survivors, and communities, in high-impact gun industry reform lawsuits in courtrooms across the country, free of charge. And we win. We hold the gun industry accountable and establish that nobody is above the law.

We do it to make America a safer place where no one lives in fear of being shot. And we know that is an America worth fighting for. It’s in our hands.