We're working in courtrooms across the country to support survivors, take on the gun industry, and protect life-saving gun laws.

Since 1989, Brady’s legal team, along with our national network of talented attorneys and law firms, has dedicated our expertise to drive gun industry reform and end America’s gun violence epidemic. 

We have litigated cases in over 40 states and won landmark rulings across the country, establishing life-changing precedent and reforming the gun industry. We hold the gun industry accountable, establish that nobody is above the law, and fight to make America a safer place where no one lives in fear of being shot.

We take on the difficult cases that would never be brought without our expertise, representing gun violence victims, survivors, and communities that come from a cross-section of America. And we win. To date, we’ve won more than $70 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of victims and survivors of gun violence, and we’ve kept life-saving laws on the books.




Brady Legal has argued and filed briefs in over 40 states, won before state supreme courts, trial courts, and federal appeals courts, and has helped win important victories in the United States Supreme Court.

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Scotus brady

We're protecting life-saving gun laws and fighting for public safety through amicus briefs and legal representation.

In the aftermath of NYSRPA v. Bruen, gun violence prevention laws have been challenged in courts nationwide hundreds of times – and counting. Brady Legal weighs in on important cases by filing amicus curiae briefs and represents local governments in defending their life-saving laws.

We file dozens of amicus curiae, or ‘friend of the court,’ briefs annually. Amicus briefs allow people or organizations with specialized knowledge to provide the court with facts, research, and expert opinions to support judges’ decision-making. Brady’s briefs are often cited in court rulings and help judges and justices make decisions that keep us safe.

When local legislators listen to their constituencies and pass gun violence prevention bills, those laws may be attacked in court by the gun industry. Brady works across state and federal courts, directly representing select governments that have taken important steps toward a safer community.


Brady Legal has won more than $70 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of victims and survivors of gun violence.


Brady's Legal Alliance is a national program challenging the gun industry in court and contributing millions of dollars in pro bono services annually. 

Our tireless efforts in America’s courts would not be possible without our partners in the Brady Legal Alliance. Brady’s Legal Alliance is a network of lawyers and firms working together to counter the gun industry's well-financed and far-reaching efforts. In partnership with Brady’s legal team, the alliance works to reform the gun industry, protect gun laws, and secure justice for the victims and survivors of gun violence.

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Using our courts to fight America’s gun violence epidemic requires a deep knowledge of the issue, the ability to map a path through unparalleled protections brokered solely for the gun industry, and most of all, an unfailing passion for justice. Meet the Brady Legal team.

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Brady contributes its legal insights and expertise about public safety to law review articles and news publications across the country. We also speak regularly at conferences, symposia, and webinars.


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