Internship Program

Make History! Join the Team That Will End Gun Violence in America.

Brady has a 40-year legacy, long respected and trusted for its gun violence prevention (GVP) leadership across education, litigation, and legislation. Today, we are at a unique point in our history. With the 117th Congress in session, and a strategic visionary in President Kris Brown leading our purpose-driven team, Brady is smarter and stronger than ever.

Working with Brady is more than a job - it's a chance to change our world! See below for open positions at Brady, including internships in the Policy, Organizing, Legal, Communications, Finance, Development, and Legal departments. Join us!

Learn More About Brady’s Internship Program

Our carefully-constructed internship program trains the future generation of leaders to end America’s gun violence epidemic. Throughout your paid, ten-week internship in Washington, D.C., you will learn from leading experts and thought leaders across the movement and in their fields, be the first to hear about career opportunities as members of the Brady Intern Alumni Group, and, most importantly, develop skills tailored to any professional career you will go on to excel in which you’ll eventually excel. Whether in-person or remote, you’ll have the chance to network alongside rising experts, activists, and professionals from across the country.

"Brady has a really unique ability to make interns feel welcome and a part of the Brady family even in just the first few days of the internship. This welcoming environment has allowed me to build some really valuable relationships in the Communications department and beyond. I’ve never been a part of a team that has been so passionate, kind, and helpful in my previous work experiences, and for that, I’m truly grateful."

Lelan O'Brien - Communications Intern, Fall 2021
With our office just three blocks away from our nation’s Capitol, you’ll have the opportunity to advocate for life-saving legislation with your fellow interns.
Meet and network with fellow interns outside during our weekly intern hangouts.

Additional Opportunities at Brady

"Personally, I felt that Brady was a really good insight into how policy and public health intersect. … Being at Brady allowed me to broaden my own understanding of America’s relationship with guns and gun control. Brady definitely helped my critical analysis skills, which aid me now that I’m in graduate school."

Aisha Muhammad - Partnerships Intern, Spring 2021