Weekend of Action: August 17-18!


Following a tragic weekend of gun violence in America, people across the country are asking themselves “what can I do to stop this?” We at Brady know the solutions — we need our senators and representatives to have the courage and conviction to act.

Now's your chance to make sure they take action and are held accountable! We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a Weekend of Action on August 17-18 in collaboration with other gun violence prevention groups! Together, we will keep the pressure on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump to call legislators back to DC to vote on common-sense gun safety legislation.

So far, Senator McConnell has said he will not call Senators back to Washington, but that gun violence prevention measures will be on the table when the Senate reconvenes after August recess. In the meantime, that means hundreds of more American’s will be impacted by gun violence until they return.

We cannot wait any longer! We're calling on Americans from across the country to take action in their communities by participating in rallies, contacting elected officials, and making their voices heard so that action is taken now!

Join us during the Weekend of Action!
  1. Find an event near you by using www.gunsafetytownhalls.org! Developed in collaboration with other gun violence prevention groups, the site lists town halls that elected officials are hosting during recess, local rallies, and other events where activists and volunteers can get involved.
  2. Want to start your own event during the Weekend of Action? Use this link to host an event in your community!
  3. Join a Brady Chapter today to get involved during the Weekend of Action!
  4. Need more information on how to prepare? Use our August Recess Blog and Toolkit to get ready for August 17-18!
Quick Tips for the Weekend of Action!
  • If there are no events in your area, you can always rally outside your elected official's district offices or in a busy visible place in your city or town.
  • If you're brining a group, make sure your group is well-informed on the gun violence issues that are specific and unique to your district.
  • If the event you’re attending is a paid event rather than a public forum or town hall, one option is to creatively protest outside the event.
  • If it’s a town hall event, try to be one of the first people to line up in front of the microphone — the rooms fill up fast!
  • If your representative is a gun violence prevention champion, start by thanking them for their hard work on the issue!
  • If your representative has consistently blocked lifesaving legislation, be sure to remind them of the power of your vote come November.
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