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Virtual Event: For Mothers Who Have Lost Children to Gun Violence


Friday, May 8 | 11 a.m. ET

Every year, the Baltimore-based Tears of a Mother’s Cry hosts a Mother’s Day brunch for families impacted by gun violence. The event serves as an opportunity for mothers to share stories about their lost loved ones and call attention to the violence that plagues their communities.

In this time of coronavirus-forced social distancing, Brady invited Ms. Mille Brown, the founder of Tears of a Mother’s Cry, to join a virtual Mother’s Day event which will give mothers a chance to tell the world about their children — who they were, and who they should have grown up to be — while also drawing attention to everyday gun violence and the need to take action against it.

Now that it's virtual, we're hoping more moms and advocates can join. Please join us as we listen to, learn from, support, and recognize these moms.

Guests Include

Rep. Lucy McBath: mother, survivor, U.S. House of Representatives GA-06
Tatiana Washington: survivor, Team ENOUGH Executive Council
Ms. Millie Brown:
mother, Tears of a Mother's Cry Founder
Ms. Burnett McFadden:
mother, survivor
Giselle Mörch:
mother, survivor
Tracy Coleman:
mother, survivor
Rashieda Murray:
mother, survivor
Ava Mackall:
mother, survivor


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Tatiana Washington

Tatiana Washington is an Executive Council member of Team ENOUGH. Tatiana's advocacy to prevent gun violence began in her hometown of Milwaukee, an area deeply impacted by gun violence. In 2017, her aunt, Sherida Davis, was fatally shot in an act of domestic violence. She's since organized walkouts and stood with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling for action to prevent gun violence.

Rep. Lucy McBath

Rep. Lucy McBath serves in the U.S. House of Representatives for Georgia-06. In 2012, her 17-year-old son, Jordan, was shot and killed in what became known as the “Loud Music Shooting.” After his death, McBath turned to activism. She has dedicated her life to preventing other families from experiencing the same tragedy that she did.

Ms. Millie Brown

Ms. Millie Brown has long devoted herself to serving mothers who are survivors of gun violence. In the 13 years of running her nonprofit, Tears of a Mother’s Cry, she has helped more than 1,000 mothers.

Ms. Burnett McFadden

Linton, 20

Ms. Burnett McFadden, who goes by “Ms. B,” lost three sons (Reginald, Randolph and Linton) to violence over a period of six weeks in 2005. Her youngest son Linton was shot and killed during a robbery on May 13, 2005.

Ms. B describes Linton as “outgoing, funny and lovable...He took care of his brothers and was a great help to me. He was spoiled by his grandmother and everyone in the family. Linton loved Winnie the Pooh.”

Ms. B has since been very involved in organ donation advocacy, and is devoted to her one remaining living child, Khayyan.

Giselle Mörch

Jaycee, 20

Giselle Mörch’s son Jaycee was killed in a home invasion in July 2017. Giselle chased the gunman, who injured her and Jaycee’s 3-year-old nephew witnessed the shooting.

Jaycee, who had the nickname “Lil Penny,” had received a football scholarship and attended a small school in the Hudson Valley of New York. He loved football, and discussing religion--at the time of his death, he was studying Islam.

Giselle has since been very involved in gun violence prevention, and criminal justice reform.

Tracy Coleman

Cordelle, 31
Cornelius, 27

Ms. Tracy Coleman, who goes by Ms. Tracy, lost two children, Cordelle and Cornelius, both in January 2020. On January 14, Cordelle was shot multiple times and on January 20, Cornelius was shot multiple times and then set on fire in a car.

Ms. Tracy has struggled with getting information from local law enforcement about her sons' murders. She has said, “There's no way that someone can be brutally murdered the way that he [Cornelius] was and you have no answers for the family...Just give him to me. He’s somebody.” It took almost two months for Cornelius’ body to be released to the family. Both homicides remain unsolved.

Cornelius was also a father, leaving behind two daughters.

Ava Mackall

David, 28

Ava Mackall’s son David, a former college football player at the University of Maryland and University of Delaware, died outside his home in May 2019 after being shot 15 times in broad daylight.

At the time, David was working to support his family while pursuing an education in IT. He was also doing advocacy work, with plans for a speaking tour to a number of local schools.

David was also a father, leaving behind two sons.

Rasheeda Murray

Romar, age 26
Roderick, age 18

Rasheeda Murray lost two sons, identical twins named Roderick and Romar. On March 25 2012, Roderick was shot several times while he stood outside with friends; his mother found him after the shooting. Romar was shot and killed when a gunman approached his home on September 5, 2019. Both homicides remain unsolved.

Romar was also a father, leaving behind one daughter.

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