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Nevada Has the Chance to Pass Historic Legislation to Prevent Gun Violence


By Heather Sallan, Co-President, Brady Nevada Chapter, and a survivor of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting

The Nevada Assembly recently advanced a critical gun safety bill that addresses the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. This is big — Nevada has the chance to pass historic, life-saving legislation to prevent gun violence. But only if state legislators move it forward.

This important bill, AB 291, was sponsored by Assemblymember Sandra Juaregui. Like me, Juaregui is a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting. She sponsored this bill because she wants to prevent people in Nevada from ever having to experience the tragedy she went through. We need to do everything we can to make sure it becomes law.

If you live in Nevada, please urge Gov. Sisolak and Nevada lawmakers to pass AB 291 into law!

This bill, amongst other gun safety provisions, gives Nevada county commissioners the power to strengthen gun laws in their local communities. We Nevadans believe in local control of our laws — and that’s just what AB 291 does.

Please send a message now to urge Gov. Sisolak and Nevada Senate Judiciary. With enough support, we hope they’ll listen — and take action to create a safer Nevada.

With your help, we can let them know that we want our elected officials to represent our voices, and not the gun lobby. It’s in their hands to create a safer Nevada.

Want to learn more about AB 291? Watch Assemblymember Sandra Juaregui's moving testimony below.

Testimony by Nevada Assemblymember Sandra Juaregui, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting and the sponsor of AB 291.
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