Happy Birthday, Sarah Brady


February 6, 2021, would have been Sarah Brady's 79th birthday.

Sarah, along with her husband Jim, are more than just the namesakes of our organization — they are the inspiration that drives us to push forth even when faced with what feels like insurmountable obstacles.

Sarah dedicated her life to her husband after he was shot, guiding him through recovery. She then dedicated the rest of her life to saving others from gun violence.

Sarah Brady knew our nation's gun violence epidemic was the product of weak gun laws and the influence of a corrupt gun lobby and their friends in Congress. She fought tooth and nail for common-sense gun violence prevention legislation, working to oust gun lobby influenced politicians and put the NRA out of business.

VIDEO: Sarah Brady speaks at the Million Mom March

Sarah spent years navigating the halls of Congress, working across party lines, and fighting to pass federal legislation requiring background checks on gun sales. It took six votes over seven years and three presidencies until Sarah and Jim were able to declare victory. In 1993, President Clinton finally signed the Brady Bill into law creating the Brady Background Check System.

Sarah's legacy is prolific and her drive was deeply personal — just like it is for so many gun violence prevention advocates. She dedicated her life to public service, receiving a number of awards and widespread recognition for her commitment.

VIDEO: Sarah Brady on perseverance

While Sarah passed away on April 3, 2015, her memory and her legacy live on in Brady's work, and the work of countless gun violence survivors and advocates.

In February 2021, Sarah Kemp Brady was named a semi-finalist in Alexandria, Virginia, public schools' search to rename Matthew Maury Elementary School. Sarah, who was raised in Alexandria, is now being considered along with eight other inspirational leaders to be the school's namesake.

VIDEO: Brady President Kris Brown Honors Sarah Brady

At Brady, we work with survivors and activists, gun owners and non-gun owners, uniting people across the country and across the aisle, in our effort to emulate Sarah’s commitment to saving lives. She and Jim are why we take action, not sides.

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