We Need YOUR Vote to Save Lives!

Brady has been selected to receive a share of a grant from CREDO Mobile. This money will fuel our life-saving mission to free America from gun violence, but we need YOUR vote. The more public votes we get, the more money we receive. Please vote today!


From Parkland to Pittsburgh, Youth Vote to Disarm Hate


Written by: Anahi Ballesteros

March. Rally. Educate. Debate. Register. Vote. It’s been a busy year and that doesn’t even include all of the studying, testing, and college applications.

But we’ve done it because we have no choice. For more than a generation, the NRA has run roughshod over the will of the American public and it has been left to us to right this wrong.

Many would say that we did what Americans are supposed to do by actively participating in the campaign process and that we need to wait until the next election to take another pass at changing the shape of our political landscape... that our job was over when the polls closed. But that’s not the way our generation views the democratic process.

We didn’t win every race we set out to take, but we made our mark and as those elected officials make their way to Washington, we will be right behind them. We will cheer them when they do the right thing--and you can count on us to be at their doorstep when they find themselves conflicted. It is that accountability that has been lacking in the past. It’s not a matter of getting elected and then waiting to see if you get reelected to determine what your constituents think about you.

You see, you’re not the ones that are practicing active shooter drills on a monthly basis, You’re not the ones who are afraid to go to school. For us, it is literally life or death. So we have to commit to being the generation that will end gun violence.

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