Effects of Gun Violence

Virtual Event | Finding and Being a Helper with Fred Guttenberg


A conversation on how we can "find the helpers" in the face of violence and uncertain times.

With survivor Fred Guttenberg, violence interrupter Clayton Rosenberg, and Dr. Dana Winters of the Fred Rogers' Center

"Always look for the helpers. There will always be helpers. Because if you look for the helpers, you'll know there's hope."

— Fred Rogers, interview with Television Academy, 1999

For this uplifting conversation, we convened Parkland survivor Fred Guttenberg, Dr. Dana Winters of the Fred Rogers' Center, and Clayton Rosenberg of the Alliance of Concerned Men and Women to share the ways in which gun violence impacts Americans, how they have been helped in their journeys, and — especially amid uncertain times — how we all can be helpers ourselves

Fred Guttenberg's powerful new memoir, "Find the Helpers: What 9/11 and Parkland Taught Me about Recovery, Purpose, and Hope," is the backdrop for our special virtual event. As Fred writes, he loved watching Mr. Rogers with his daughter and his son when they were little. Their favorite piece of wisdom was: In the midst of tragedy and catastrophe, "find the helpers." And when Fred's daughter, Jaime Guttenberg, was murdered in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, Fred did just that — he found the helpers. He and his family were buoyed forward by those who reached out with kindness and compassion, including those in the movement to prevent gun violence.



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