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A New Voice of Unity Against Gun Violence

Watch what unity can do.

The Brady organization has never stopped leading Americans towards a future without the threat of gun violence. For 25 years, we’ve always strived to help the voices of reason shout louder than the extremes.

In that spirit, we’ve created a new brand vision, voice, and visual identity that we are launching this week, as Congress votes on HR8 and as the Brady bill celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Our aim is to continue to lead the gun violence prevention movement and to inspire all Americans to take action not sides.

Our new logo symbolizes this unity required to end the epidemic of gun violence, visualizing red and the blue coming together in a star, pointing the way forward, to moderation not extremes, to reason not rage.

It is a star that inspires hope, asks Americans to aim higher, and expresses today the original mission of our founders: to unite us all against gun violence.

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