How You Can Take Action Now to Prevent Gun Violence

Jacksonville. Nashville. Monterey Park. There have been more mass shootings than days in 2023, guns are the leading cause of death for youth in America, and assault weapons remain unregulated at the federal level.

Enough is ENOUGH. We cannot wait another minute to demand action to keep us safe. Together, we can move the needle to save lives and create a safer America. In honor of all the lives lost to gun violence, please join us in taking action now.

Inspired by our namesake Jim Brady, Brady is a survivor-led organization fighting to end America’s gun violence epidemic. In March 1981, Jim was just two months into his dream role as White House Press Secretary when he was shot in the head as a gunman tried to assassinate President Reagan. He spent the rest of his life recovering — and fighting to strengthen our nation’s gun laws. He and his wife, Sarah, spent years taking on the NRA and lobbying Congress to pass the bipartisan Brady Bill, which established our nation's background check system on gun sales.

Jim and Sarah’s legacy — which we at Brady continue today — is that they refused to believe that preventing gun violence is a “partisan” issue. They understood that passing sensible gun laws isn't about politics; it’s about saving lives. It’s that same legacy that we carry on at Brady today, because we know that our collective power can change the country. It’s this determination that just helped us push Congress to pass the first gun violence prevention legislation measures in 30 years, and it’s what will keep our momentum driving forward — if you're with us.

Here are six ways you can take action now to join the fight against gun violence.

Urge the U.S. Senate to ban assault weapons and large-capacity magazines

Allen Outlets. Buffalo. Uvalde. Some of the deadliest mass shootings in America all have one thing in common: The shooter used an AR-15-style weapon. We must ban these weapons of war to protect our communities.

Demand Elected Leaders Pass Sensible Gun Laws

It's not just about Congress. We must demand that elected leaders at every level take immediate action to protect our safety from gun violence. (Read about recent state wins.)

Ask your friends and family: Do you lock up your guns?

This simple question can save lives, especially as more children are home for summer break. Learn more about how you can ensure guns are stored safely to prevent tragedies.

Join the grassroots movement

Sign up to join or create a Brady chapter near you.

Volunteer with Brady

We host new volunteer sessions every Wednesday. Drop in and join us!

Donate to bolster our work to prevent gun violence

Our work is powered by grassroots donations from people like you.