Take Action

Tell Elected Officials They Have Blood On Their Hands

We’re telling McConnell, Trump, and elected officials everywhere who refuse to support gun safety: There’s blood on your hands. Follow this guide to organize your own grassroots #BloodyHands action.

First, pick an event or location

  • Plan your own protest or rally
  • Make it easy and attend a scheduled event, like a town hall or fundraiser!
  • Look for Brady chapter events around the country. Use our website to find a list of events around the country held by representatives

Get supplies

  • Red, washable poster/tempera paint, like here.
  • Paper plates
  • Hand wipes or water and paper towels so people can remove the paint after

Get to action

  • Squirt the paint onto some paper plates
  • People walking by can dip/rub their hand in it
  • Only use one hand, so the other is free for your phone, wallet, etc.
  • Have the hand wipes or water nearby if needed

Take photos and post to social media!

  • Take a photo with the hashtags #BloodyHands. You can also use #EndGunViolence to reach more people.
  • Tag @senatemajldr and @realdonaldtrump. If you’re taking local action, tag your local elected officials or representatives in Congress. If you don’t know your representative, you can find them here using your zip code.
  • If you can, tag @bradybuzz so we can help amplify your posts!