Tell State Legislators: Ban Firearms in Legislative Buildings!

Guns do not belong in our democratic process, plain and simple. With armed threats looming, it urgent we act now.

Take Action!

Take Action

Tell Congress: Ban Assault Weapons!

Odessa. Dayton. Aurora. Parkland. Poway. Orlando. Las Vegas. Tree of Life Synagogue. Sandy Hook. Umpqua Community College. Waffle House. Sutherland Springs. San Bernardino.

Time and time again, assault weapons are used in the deadliest mass shootings in America. They're uniquely lethal, allowing the most murders in the shortest amount of time. These weapons of war have no place in civilian hands.

Now is urgent — a bipartisan bill to ban assault weapons (H.R. 1296) needs just a few more cosponsors in order to move forward. Please send a message now urging key representatives to support this lifesaving bill!