May 8-12, 2023

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers play a critical role in shaping our children’s futures. But with the reality of gun violence, they are faced with another task: protecting and comforting our students each and every day.

Join Brady, Teachers Unify to End Gun Violence, The American Federation of Teachers, and The National Education Association this #TeacherAppreciationWeek in honoring educators by working toward the best gift of all — schools and communities free from gun violence!

Teachers help educate our youth and shape them into future leaders of our country. But over the years, gun violence, both on and off school premises, has burdened our teachers to focus less on educating and more on their students’ survival, trauma, and grief.

Since the 1999 Columbine massacre, school shootings have skyrocketed: From Parkland and Uvalde to Michigan State, there have been more than 370 school shootings nationwide. At least 199 children, educators, and others have been shot and killed and 425 others will live with injuries for the rest of their lives. For those ‘lucky’ enough to avoid a bullet, the impacts of gun violence can lead to life-long trauma, anxiety, and depression. And while teachers are on the frontlines of keeping children safe in schools, the burden does not end there. Educators, particularly in Black and Brown communities, must often support the needs of students who live in communities disproportionately impacted by America’s gun violence epidemic.

Enough is ENOUGH. Our educators deserve better. No more gifts. No more gift cards. This Teacher Appreciation Week, join us in giving teachers the best gift of all: Strong gun laws that keep our schools and communities safe!


1. Download the graphics (below) to create a sign for social media.

    2. Customize your sign by filling in the blanks. Here are some sample messages:

      Support teachers by giving us sensible gun laws to keep our students safe; not just flowers and gifts.

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      Support teachers by banning assault weapons, not books.

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      Support teachers by putting student's lives ahead of politics and gun lobby profits.

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      3. Take a photo with your sign and post it on social media.

      Tag @bradybuzz, @teachersunify, @AFTunion, @NEAToday, and use #TeacherAppreciationWeek and #TeacherAgainstGunViolence in all of your posts. After you post, ask your friends, family, and loved ones to join you on social media! Encourage your networks to show solidarity with teachers by demanding action to keep communities safe from gun violence.

      Thank you for taking action alongside Brady and our partners.

      Together, we can help ensure students and educators are thriving in places of learning — not simply surviving. Please continue your advocacy by learning more about Brady’s approaches to reduce gun violence in our schools and communities.

      Listen to our award-winning podcast episodes about school shootings, the impact of lockdown drills, and more.

      Learn more about safe firearm storage

      76% of school shootings are facilitated by kids having access to unsecured and/or unsupervised guns at home. By safely storing firearms we can save lives.

      Share our mental health resources

      People impacted by gun violence can experience ongoing trauma, including a high risk of suicide. These resources identify ways to support those in need.

      ASK, “Is there an unlocked gun in your house?”

      It’s a simple question, but has the power to save a life.