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If we want to create a safer America free of gun violence, we need sustained action — now and always.

"I can’t emphasize this enough: If we’re going to move forward with Brady’s plan for gun safety reform, we need to join forces... Together we’re unstoppable, and I hope you’ll join me in this fight to take action on gun violence."

— Coach Steve Kerr

Here are more ways you can take action right now.

Brady is a survivor-led organization that takes a comprehensive approach to ending America’s gun violence epidemic. We work across Congress, courts, and communities to enact solutions to end America's gun violence epidemic. That means that even when Congress is gridlocked thanks to NRA-bought politicians, we’re making life-saving progress across the country. Your support and grassroots power help us save lives.

    Urge Congress to prioritize gun violence prevention

    Legislation to prevent gun violence is waiting in the Senate now. Demand your senators act!

    Join or start a Brady chapter

    Become a part of our powerful grassroots movement.

    Sign up to attend a new volunteer session

    New to the movement? We'll show your the ropes and teach you how you can create change in your community and nationally.

    We’re uniting people of all races and ethnicities from coast to coast, progressive and conservative, young and old, fed up and fired up, gun owners and non-gun owners alike, to join the movement for a safer America.

    Together, we can demand real action to end gun violence and save lives.