Urge Virginia Legislators to Protect Sensible Gun Laws!

The majority of Virginians support common-sense gun violence prevention policies. But new, life-saving laws are at risk of repeal. We’re urging Virginia state senators to #StandWithVirginia and represent the will of the people!

Over the last two years, Virginia has seen an epidemic of gun violence worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disproportionately impacted communities of color. Despite these challenges, the Virginia General Assembly has delivered the will of the people and created a safer Virginia by passing an entire slate of gun violence prevention bills.

Virginia’s best defense to rising gun violence is protecting the state’s comprehensive set of evidence-based policies that are proven to save lives. But right now, these lifesaving laws are at risk of being repealed. They’re under threat by newly elected anti-gun sense legislators, including a new House majority that is self-interestedly catering to the gun lobby over their constituents.

We can’t roll back Virginia’s life-saving progress. We’re uniting to urge state senators to reflect the will of the people and protect Virginia’s hard-won progress in preventing gun violence. The facts speak for themselves:

  • 86% of Virginia voters support requiring background checks on all gun sales

  • 76% of Virginia voters oppose permitless concealed carry

  • 73% percent support extreme risk laws, also known as “red flag” laws

Fighting the dangerous repeal of any of Virginia's sensible gun violence prevention laws is a matter of life and death, period.

Read on to learn how you can #StandWithVirginia!

Raise your voice and #StandWithVirginia

Here's how you can take action now to protect our safety

Urge your delegate to regulate untraceable "ghost guns."

We have the chance to ban the sale of ghost gun parts and kits in Virginia. Please urge your Virginia delegate to vote YES on SB 310!

Send a tweet! Look up your Virginia state senator to add their social media handle to your post.

@VASenate: The majority of Virginians support common-sense gun violence prevention policies. Please represent the will of the people and protect our life-saving gun safety laws! #StandWithVirginia #VAleg

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Tag @VASenate and your state senator to either thank them for protecting progress or ask them to put safety first.

Record a short video and post to social media. (Sample script below)

My name is _____. I’m part of the Virginia gun-sense majority. Virginians like me are urging legislators not to roll back our progress to prevent gun violence. Please, #StandWithVirginia and represent the will of the people. Voters will remember. We're counting on you.

What’s at stake? These common-sense gun violence prevention laws, which have already been at work saving lives:

Thank you for taking action alongside Brady! Want to continue your life-saving advocacy? Join a Brady Virginia Chapter in your community.