Tell Gov. Sisolak to Ban Ghost Guns in Nevada!

Legislation to ban ghost guns has made its way to Governor Sisolak's desk and is now waiting to be signed into law.

Ghost guns are untraceable, hand-built firearms assembled from parts and kits that anyone can purchase online or at a gun show without a background check — including minors and prohibited purchasers. We have a chance to ban these deadly weapons in Nevada with AB 286, but we need your help right now.

Use the form to the right to be connected with the office of Governor Sisolak — thank him for supporting gun violence prevention efforts and ask him to sign AB 286 into law to ban ghost guns. We’re in the final stretch and we need to make sure this life-saving bill becomes law in Nevada! Your support has made all the difference and we need to keep up the pressure!

Suggested Call Script:

Governor Sisolak, as a Brady supporter, I am calling to thank you for your commitment to gun violence prevention in the state of Nevada. Your support has made all the difference in the past, and it can make Nevada a leader in gun safety today.

I am calling to ask that you sign AB 286 into law to ban ghost guns. This common-sense bill will prevent the proliferation of these unserialized and untraceable weapons in our state and save countless lives.

[Please feel free to personalize your message here]

Ghost guns have become even more prevalent in recent months and have been traced back to crimes across the country. As your constituent, I am counting on you to sign AB 286 into law to protect the safety of Nevadans.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Additional talking points:

    • “Ghost guns” are untraceable, unregulated, and unacceptable. These guns undermine nearly all existing gun laws. They are typically constructed from kits that include all of the necessary components to turn the unfinished receiver into a fully functioning gun.
    • Make no mistake, ghost guns are deadly weapons that look, feel, and function just like an ordinary gun. Since they are untraceable by law enforcement, they are by design, perfect crime guns.
    • These weapons have been linked nationwide to homicides, suicides, mass shootings, domestic violence, robberies, and the shooting deaths of law enforcement officers. This bill offers direct solutions that address the current threats facing Nevadans, and they will proactively protect our state long into the future.