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Urge the ATF to Regulate Ghost Guns!

Thanks to grassroots supporters like you, we're now closer than ever to stopping the spread of ghost guns

President Biden recently announced an executive order to regulate ghost guns. His proposed rule was open to public comment for 90 days, closing in August. We mobilized Americans across the country, who submitted thousands of comments supporting this sensible regulation.

It’s simple: If you can’t pass a background check, you shouldn’t be able to build a gun in your basement.

Ghost guns are specifically designed to evade gun laws. It’s why they are a growing murder weapon of choice in America. But President Biden’s executive order would change that.

We had a small window to take action, and we had to act quickly. Almost immediately, the NRA and its allies launched an aggressive campaign to oppose the regulation. But we succeeded in illustrating a groundswell of support for sensible gun laws.

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"If you can’t pass a background check, you shouldn’t be able to build a gun in your basement. We must regulate homemade "ghost guns." Visit ghostgunsarerealguns.com now to take action.

What Are "Ghost Guns" and What's the Problem?

Ghost guns are are a growing murder weapon of choice in America. They are untraceable firearms that anyone can buy in parts and kits and assemble at home. If you can build a model airplane or a lego set, you can easily assemble a ghost gun. Because they're unserialized, ghost guns are nearly impossible for law enforcement to trace. They evade background checks, making them popular among people who intend to use them in crimes. Ghost guns are increasingly being used in robberies, mass shootings, and homicides across the country. It is urgent that we close the so-called "ghost gun loophole" that allows these homemade firearms to evade existing gun laws!

How Can You Help? Post a Comment Now Urging the ATF to Regulate These Deadly Firearms!

The comment deadline is August 19, and time is running out. Please take a moment to submit a comment. It takes just a few clicks! Follow these simple steps.

1. Visit the government webpage about the proposed rule.

2. Copy the sample comment (below) and paste it into the “comment” field that appears. (Note: If you have a few extra seconds, please personalize your message to the ATF. We know that unique messages will be the most effective and more likely to be given strong consideration.)

    I strongly support the proposed rule to regulate ghost guns. There are no federal restrictions on who can buy ghost gun kits or parts or on how many ghost gun kits or parts someone can buy. This is a way around all of our gun safety laws, and the industry knows it and often intentionally markets these parts and kits as unregulated and untraceable to appeal to those who want to avoid background checks and/or are gun traffickers. This is a dangerous public health and safety issue, and I urge you to regulate ghost guns. I urge ATF to finalize the rule as proposed in order to treat ghost guns the same as other firearms.

    3. Enter your email address. Select whether you are sharing a comment as an Individual, Organization, or Anonymous.

    4. Click “submit” to complete!

    Watch our video to learn more about the threats posed by unregulated ghost guns.