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Urge the Senate to Take Up Major Gun Violence Prevention Legislation!

Every day the Senate fails to strengthen our nation’s gun laws, more than 300 people are shot and more than 100 are killed with guns. Join us in demanding senators act upon life-saving legislation passed by the House.

Buffalo. Uvalde. Highland Park. Sandy Hook. Parkland. Gilroy. Poway. Orlando. Las Vegas. Tree of Life Synagogue. Charleston. Odessa. Dayton. Aurora. Waffle House. San Bernardino. Our nation continues to be devastated by preventable gun violence. And while the majority of America supports stronger gun laws, life-saving legislation to ban assault weapons (S. 736: The Assault Weapons Ban) and pass universal background checks (S.529: The Background Check Expansion Act) have been gathering dust in the Senate.

Make no mistake, the Senate's inaction is lethal. About 60,000 people have been killed with guns since the House passed universal background checks a year and a half ago. Amid growing rates of gun violence across America, we cannot continue to let either of these life-saving bills continue to languish before the Senate.

Email your senators!

Ask them to support legislation to pass universal background checks and ban assault weapons. If they already do so, ask them to urge Senate leadership to immediately bring it to a vote.

Already emailed? Call them now!

We know that constituent calls to senators are especially effective, so we need to get loud! Before calling, please check our charts below to see where your senators stand on both bills. That way you can be sure to share the right message.

Please urge them cosponsor immediately.

Ask them to urge Senate leadership to immediately bring this life-saving legislation to a vote.

Ready to make your voice heard? Let's go! To call about universal background checks, text "CHECKS" to 866-89. To call about banning assault weapons, text "AWB" to 866-89. We'll call you back to connect you directly to your senator's office.