Act Now!

Call Ohio State Legislators: Don't Weaken Our Gun Laws!

A dangerous bill would worsen, rather than reduce, gun violence in Ohio

A vote is pending — we need to act now!

The eight largest cities in Ohio have seen gun violence crimes increase by 17% compared to last year, and firearm homicide specifically is up 27%. But we’re hearing that state legislators will push a harmful omnibus bill that will only worsen the gun violence crisis in Ohio. Lawmakers are proposing legislation that would:

  • Grant small business owners and their employees the power to shoot and kill another person if they feel threatened, rather than making any attempt to retreat from the conflict.
  • Lower the age limit to allow anyone as young as 18 to purchase a handgun and carry it in public.
  • Roll back concealed-carry related safety regulations to allow more people to carry guns in public places, including schools and baseball games.

This is by far one of the most dangerous bills we’ve ever seen introduced in Ohio. We need to call state legislators now and demand they REJECT this legislation.

To make a phone call, please enter your information in the form. After you hit "submit," we will call the cell phone number you entered and patch you through to key Ohio state legislators. Thank you for your advocacy in the fight to prevent gun violence in Ohio!