South Carolina

Tell your State Senators to Vote No on Open-Carry!

Tell your South Carolina state senator to VOTE NO on H. 3094!

HB 3094 would allow any concealed carry permit holder to also openly carry a handgun in public. Imagine being at a restaurant and the person sitting at the next table has a handgun visible on their hip. Now imagine being the server who unintentionally messed up an order or spilled a drink. Armed intimidation is a threat to public safety.

Use the following script to urge your state senator to vote no on H. 3094.

The open carry of guns in public spaces can be used as a mode of intimidation and armed intimidation is a constant threat to public safety, escalating even simple arguments into deadly situations.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we saw a shooter carry a gun into a Colorado grocery store and kill ten people, including a responding officer. Now, South Carolina is considering legislation that would allow individuals to openly carry guns in grocery stores, restaurants, churches, and more.

Even state and local law enforcement have publicly stated their opposition to this bill, noting that it will only make their jobs harder.

South Carolina has already experienced a horrific tragedy due to gun violence. Our state and the countless number of gun violence survivors who live here, do not need to be further traumatized by this dangerous legislation.

Please VOTE NO on HB 3094. Thank you.