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This Can't Be Our "Morning Routine" in America

We can't continue to let school shootings to be the "new normal" for children across America

We should be working to prevent gun violence — not preparing our children for it.

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We don't have to live this way. The only thing standing in the way of saving lives is the filibuster.

Gun violence is a national emergency. Yet NRA-backed members of Congress continue to use the procedural filibuster to block lifesaving gun reform legislation. The cost? Our lives. The filibuster is killing us.

Every day, over 100 people are shot and killed in America, and hundreds more are injured. There’s no excuse for senseless gun violence — especially when legislative solutions are sitting before the Senate at this very moment. For too long, the filibuster has blocked solutions to end bloodshed — like universal background checks on gun sales, a federal ban on assault weapons, funding for community-based violence intervention programs, and more.

Congress must stop playing political games with our lives and end the filibuster. We must act now.