It Is Time for the Nevada Senate to Act

Even after the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting, Nevadans were unable to take action to prevent future shootings because of a gun lobby backed law. This law prohibits local governments from adapting their own gun policies, but in Nevada, we know that the solutions to gun violence in Las Vegas are different than White Pine and Churchill Counties. Our laws should reflect that reality.

AB 291 represents the change we have fought for to enact stronger gun violence prevention laws while allowing for local communities to make their own decisions on what will make their neighborhoods safest.

But now AB 291 is being threatened— individuals are trying to change the bill so that it’s less effective. It's up to Nevadans like you to make sure our State Senators know to support AB 291 AS IS - NO AMENDMENTS. By filling out this form, you will be connected with the office of a State Senator that needs to hear from you. Tell them to support AB291 as is, with no amendments, to help create a safer Nevada for all of us!