Take Action to End Gun Violence with Steve Kerr & Stephen Curry

Thank you for joining Brady, Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry, and W. Kamau Bell to raise money and awareness for life-saving gun violence prevention initiatives.


  • Stephen and Ayesha Curry
  • Dennis and Patti Mulqueeney
  • Nancy and Richard Robbins
  • Annette Clear and Michael Isaku Begert
  • Michael and Barbara Calbert
  • Johanna Carney and Erran Berger
  • The Ron Conway Family
  • Anne Ching and Jim Cashel
  • Marita and Kevin Daly
  • Peter and Michelle Detkin
  • Jonathan Eager
  • Nel and Charles Ellwein
  • Frank and Jeanne Fischer
  • The Foster Family
  • Jessica and Scott Gerber
  • Greg and Carrie Gretsch
  • The Hamilton Family
  • Wendy Holcombe and Carl Kawaja
  • Gary N. Holland, M.D.
  • Jean Jarvis and Eric Havian
  • Dennis and Pam Joyce
  • Steve and Margot Kerr
  • Kristi and Rodney Loo
  • The Mays Family
  • Francine Miltenberger and Ken Kilen
  • Jordan and Jennifer Moss
  • The Mylod Yee Family
  • The Nooney Family
  • Julie Nunes and Ruth Borenstein
  • Nancy Orear and Teresa Basgall
  • Caren and Nick Orum
  • Jon Pey and Claire Hughes
  • Phuong and Alex Phillips
  • Helen Hilton Raiser
  • Steve and Karen Roland
  • Kimberly and Jonathan Shottan
  • Eric Swergold and Dawn Dobras
  • Steffan and Kelli Tomlinson
  • Kath and Chris Tsakalakis
  • Gerri and Rich Wong
  • The Wadhwani Family
  • David Wah and Elizabeth Economy
  • The Jim and Audra Weiss Family

Special thanks to donors and friends of Brady for supporting this event including Ann Akichika, Dave and Cath Capper, Michael Dunn, the Garde Family, Bonnie Brown and Joe Gervais, Amanda and Vince Hoenigman, Signe and George Kurian, Maureen Landers, Marc and Wendy Levine, KT Moore, Lisa and David Monetta, Lisa Napoli, Janet and Clyde Ostler, Dorian and Mark Polite, Karen and Dan Pritzker, Kevin and Maria Quinn, Stu and Sarah Ryan, Karen Scarr, Mara and Rick Wallace, Sue and Ed Ward, and Kirsten Wolfe.

Special thanks to host sponsors and volunteers from the Brady Northern California Regional Leadership Council, including Pellie Anderson, Jeff Bliech, Johanna Carney, Anne Ching, Randi Curhan, Marita Daly, Dawn Dobras, Eric Havian, Dan Horn, Dennis Joyce, Pam Kosinski, Reggie Lee, Marc Levine, Kenneth Ludlum, Dr. John Maa, Dennis Mulqueeney, Chris Nooney, Jonathan Parkhurst, Mike Plimack, Steve Roland, Kari Rocca, Megan Sweet, Eric Swergold, Kath Tsakalakis, and Marty Yee.