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Urge Sen. Hassan to Vote to Confirm David Chipman!

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The Senate will soon vote on the nomination of David Chipman to be the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and Sen. Maggie Hassan wants to hear from constituents on this issue. Please tell her that as a constituent, you urge him to support the nomination of David Chipman.

Suggested talking points:

  • As a resident of New Hampshire and a constituent of Sen. Hassan, I am asking that he support President Biden's nominee, David Chipman, for ATF Director.
  • As a special agent with the ATF for 25 years, Chipman would be the most experienced and qualified ATF director our nation has ever seen. A number of law enforcement groups agree, having proactively endorsed Chipman’s nomination.
  • Chipman is a dedicated law enforcement professional, a gun owner, public servant, and gun safety expert. He has spent his entire career striving to make our communities and our nation safer, and that’s exactly what he’ll do as ATF Director.
  • There has not been a permanent ATF Director since 2015. Americans overwhelmingly agree that we need to enforce existing gun laws, so we cannot allow the only federal agency tasked with enforcing gun laws continue to lack leadership — especially at a time when our nation’s gun violence epidemic rages.
  • Maine residents are counting on Sen. Hassan to prioritize our safety from gun violence and support the nomination of David Chipman. Thank you.