Urge Your Maryland Lawmakers:

Support HB 425/SB 387 to Ban “Ghost Guns” in Maryland!

It’s undeniable: “Ghost guns” are real guns — and we need to take urgent action against them.

Ghost guns are homemade, fully-functioning firearms that can be purchased online without a Brady Background Check. Right now, ANYONE can buy the parts and kits to build a ghost gun — including gun traffickers, minors, and those prohibited from purchasing a gun.

In recent years, these fully-functioning firearms have proliferated across Maryland, wreaking havoc in our schools, communities, and public spaces. In fact, Baltimore is on track to recover 700 ghost guns this year — more than double the amount recovered last year. In January, a Maryland high school student used a ghost gun to shoot and injure a student on school grounds. Ghost guns have devastated Maryland communities and it’s because they’re extremely easy to obtain: you can buy the untraceable parts and kits online and have them shipped to your home — no questions asked.

Bottom line: Ghost guns are real guns and it’s past time for Maryland lawmakers to take action against them — they threaten the safety of Marylanders each and every day.

Fortunately, HB 425/SB 387 is a common-sense solution to protect our communities from these lethal weapons, and we have a real, fighting chance to make it the law of the land in Maryland.

If passed and signed into law, HB 425/SB 387 would effectively ban ghost guns and the kits and parts necessary to build them. Please use the petition below to email your lawmakers in support of HB 425/SB 387. You can take your advocacy to the next level by using our call form on the right-hand side to call your legislator's office. We have no time to waste: Waiting any longer could mean thousands more of these unregulated and unserialized firearms entering communities across Maryland. Please, make your voice heard today!