Washington, D.C., October 25, 2023 – According to news reports, 18 people were killed and more than a dozen were injured in multiple shootings in Lewiston, Maine, Wednesday night. It has been reported that the suspect used an assault weapon, which is legal in Maine. Instead of extreme risk protection orders, Maine has a weaker “yellow-flag” law that requires additional medical sign off. Brady, the national gun violence prevention organization, released the following statement:

Kris Brown, president of Brady, said:

“No American should leave their home and fear becoming the victim of a mass shooting, but tonight, Maine families are grieving from this untold loss of life. Americans – enjoying time with friends, families and loved ones – gunned down in the most cruel and sadistic way. Worse, this shooting is not unique, as the U.S. has experienced over 500 mass shootings this year.

“The slaughtering of 18 people in a matter of minutes while bowling or sharing a beer with friends is exactly why assault weapons should be banned from our communities. These weapons of war are designed for one purpose – to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time, which is why they’re the preferred weapon of mass murderers.

“Instead of facing this issue head-on, our elected officials are going in the wrong direction at the time Americans need them most. Relying on weak gun industry-written ‘yellow-flag’ laws will allow tragedies to continue to plague every community in our country.”

Brady has one powerful mission — to unite all Americans against gun violence. We work across Congress, the courts, and our communities with over 90 grassroots chapters, bringing together young and old, red and blue, and every shade of color to find common ground in common sense. In the spirit of our namesakes Jim and Sarah Brady, we have fought for over 45 years to take action, not sides, and we will not stop until this epidemic ends. It’s in our hands.


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