The New Law Creates A Handgun Permit-To-Purchase System Ensuring All Purchasers Are Properly Vetted Preventing Various Forms Of Gun Violence And Firearms Trafficking.

WASHINGTON, May 16, 2024 – Today, Delaware Governor John Carney signed SB 2 into law, establishing the state’s first-ever permit-to-purchase system, called the Handgun Qualified Purchaser Permit. These systems increase the efficacy of Brady Background Checks by mandating that prospective firearm purchasers also verify their identity with a state agency. Additionally, permit-to-purchase systems require permit holders to prove they have taken a firearms safety training course and can act as a crucial roadblock between someone considering harm to themselves or others and their ability to quickly purchase a handgun. Few, if any other, gun laws have yielded greater evidence of their ability to prevent gun violence than permit-to-purchase laws like these. States that have enacted permit-to-purchase systems have seen a 40% reduction in the firearm homicide rate.

Kris Brown, President of Brady, said:

Brady Background Checks save lives, and by making them even stronger with the permit-to-purchase system, Delaware is moving closer to a future free from gun violence. These systems are proven to reduce firearm homicide rates, prevent firearms trafficking, and put space and time between individuals considering self-harm and firearms. This bill made it to the governor’s desk with the help of Brady’s grassroots activists, the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence and its members, and gun violence prevention champions in both the House and the Senate. Brady is so grateful to Governor Carney for signing this bill into law to ensure all the work done to create the Handgun Qualified Purchaser Permit system was not in vain. The power of these voices for change in The First State and their resolve to end gun violence will forge a safer future for all Delewareans for generations to come.”


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