The Six Newly Enacted Laws Will Bring Colorado Closer To A Future Free From Gun Violence

WASHINGTON, June 10, 2024 – Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed into law the final of six gun violence prevention bills passed by the State’s legislature. Brady, the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention organization, played a pivotal role in crafting the legislation alongside gun violence prevention champions in the state House and Senate, and local and national partners. Grassroots activists from Brady and Brady’s Team ENOUGH, a youth-led mobilization effort, advocated in committee hearings and at the statehouse throughout the legislative session.

“A decade ago, this day would have been unthinkable. Colorado has long been a battleground where even common-sense gun violence prevention legislation has stalled,” said Brady President Kris Brown. “But Coloradans, particularly young people, are fed up with this epidemic that has become the number one cause of death for America’s children. Using the power of their vote, Colorado elected a slate of gun violence prevention champions who fulfilled their promises by passing meaningful reforms.”

“The bills signed this session by Governor Polis work to change Colorado’s laws, change the gun industry, and change the culture to bring The Centennial State closer to a future free from gun violence,” continued Brown. “The new laws include gun dealer permitting regulations that will empower the state to engage in oversight of dealers and ensure that dealers and employees are trained to engage in safe business practices. These reforms will help ensure firearms do not land in the hands of individuals who cannot pass a Brady Background Check via a straw purchase. Bills aimed at keeping guns out of sensitive places – like schools and government buildings – and bolstering the state’s concealed carry weapons training will help keep all Coloradans safe.”

There will also be statewide implementation of the gun and ammunition retailer merchant category code which can be used to identify dangerous patterns reflective of stockpiling firearms which can signal they may be planning an attack or participating in firearm trafficking. Finally, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation will also now be given more agency to investigate firearm-related crimes so they can help break the cycles of violence throughout the State and the region. Finally, Colorado’s new bill requiring secure firearm storage in vehicles will help prevent firearm thefts from unattended cars, which have increased by 200% over the past decade. These stolen guns are frequently funneled into the illegal market, and this bill will have a marked effect on making Coloradans safer.

“We are grateful to the legislators and grassroots activists who made this session so successful for the people of Colorado, and we thank Governor Polis for signing these life-saving bills into law.”


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