Washington, D.C., September 20, 2018 – Once again, a community is left reeling following a fatal shooting, this time at a Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen, MD. With four dead, including the shooter, and three injured, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence issued a statement expressing outrage at yet another mass shooting in America.

Brady co-presidents Kris Brown and Avery Gardiner stated:

“It is heartbreaking and appalling how frequently we must bear witness to innocent people being gunned down for something as simple as going to work, school, church, or simply going about their lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, but we know that is not enough. As a nation, we dishonor their memories if we do nothing further. We must take immediate action to ensure that the epidemic of gun violence in our country is brought to an end, that we pass legislation in every state and on the federal level to prevent guns from ending up in dangerous hands. And if our elected officials won’t actively support policies to save lives, then we will actively ensure defeat in November.”

As of Thursday afternoon, police have confirmed that seven people were shot, including the shooter, with three expected to survive. The suspect was a 26-year-old woman who worked as a temporary employee at the distribution center; according to a 2014 FBI study, of the 160 active shooter incidents in the U.S. between 2000 and 2013, only 3.8 percent of attacks involved a female shooter.

This is the third workplace-related shooting to take place over the past two days, including shootings at a software company in Middleton, WI and at a courthouse in Masontown, PA. Earlier this summer, another Maryland workplace shooting killed five people at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, MD.

Brady has one powerful mission — to unite all Americans against gun violence. We work across Congress, the courts, and our communities with over 90 grassroots chapters, bringing together young and old, red and blue, and every shade of color to find common ground in common sense. In the spirit of our namesakes Jim and Sarah Brady, we have fought for over 45 years to take action, not sides, and we will not stop until this epidemic ends. It’s in our hands.


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