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Physicians Demand the Senate Ban Assault Weapons

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Looking Back at Our Historic Victories in 2022

Annual Report
Make Our Schools Safe March for Our Lives 2022 rally to prevent gun violence

How to Talk to Your Kids About Gun Violence

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Show the World You Care About Ending Gun Violence

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Coach Steve Kerr on Why He Fights to Prevent Gun Violence

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They say it can’t be done. But we can do anything. Even end the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. For we are more powerful than any problem when we work as one. Under Kris Brown's leadership, Brady unites people of all identities, races, and ethnicities from coast to coast, young and old, progressive and conservative, and everything in between, fed up and fired up, to protect our country from what is killing it. It’s in our hands.

The Facts that make us act

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97% of Americans want expanded background checks
Americans kill each other with guns at 25 times the rate of other high income countries
Gun violence is estimated to cost the American economy at least $229 billion every year
90% of guns used in crimes come from about 5% of gun dealers
Ever 16 hours a woman is shot dead by her current or former partner
155% more people are shot in incidents where assault weapons or high capacity magazines are used
Access to a gun in the home increases the risk of death by suicide by 300%

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There is no one solution to end this epidemic of gun violence. So our comprehensive approach addresses every aspect with more than 45 years of research and real-world experience. Let’s put the Brady plan into action now and get the job done right.

The Brady Plan


After Jim Brady, a gun owner, Republican and President Reagan’s Press Secretary, survived a gunshot to his head, he and his wife Sarah, worked tirelessly alongside Democrats and Republicans to pass the bipartisan Brady Bill to ensure background checks were conducted on gun sales. But we cannot rest on that victory. America's gun violence epidemic continues to worsen. Today, led by Brady President Kris Brown, we work with gun owners and non-gun owners and individuals of all identities and ideologies to create solutions! Together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.


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